Air Freight

Quick & safe air delivery of your cargo

Air transport offers our customers a faster service, and therefore shorter delivery times. Given that urgency is a key factor in many cargo shipments, we have an extensive network of associates all round the world who help us to improve the speed of our service every day.

Premium Cargo Carrier also looks for the optimum logistics solution to take your cargo to its desired destination, which may mean using air freight transport. We guarantee the highest possible savings in time and costs in order to provide a fast and dedicated service. We coordinate with your needs to guarantee continuous tracking of your shipment, particularly in the case of urgent freight transport.

Our transit service enables you to send any kind of shipment to anywhere in the world utilising the different existing air routes.

International air freight transport

Today’s interconnected society moves at breakneck speed, and with it comes the demand to receive everything we need from other parts of the world in the shortest possible time. International air freight transport makes this possible by connecting the different goods available worldwide in a matter of hours.

Air freight transport plane

The plane is a safe means of transport and offers increasingly greater profitability for international freight transport. Although it costs more, its ability to respond to urgent needs is well worthwhile when covering longer distances. That’s why many of Tropical Logistic’s customers choose it for their export and import operations. If you’re looking for the shortest possible transit time for your goods, international air transport is the logistics solution for you.

If necessary, we’ll give your goods even greater priority by chartering a plane for your freight alone. This means that you can send large batches of goods while avoiding the problems of space occurring in regular services and at high season.

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Air transport of dangerous goods

Certain articles and substances may represent a risk to health, safety and the environment. Despite being classified as dangerous goods, freight of this kind can also be transported by air, benefitting from its speed, although it does require a series of specialised procedures to guarantee that the logistics operation proceeds with no unwanted surprises.

Among the goods considered dangerous for air transport are explosive and flammable goods, gases and flammable liquids, spontaneously combustible, toxic, infectious, corrosive and radioactive materials.

At Premium Cargo Carrier we are specialists in the air transport of dangerous goods. We handle your sensitive cargo in keeping with all safety standards to ensure that it reaches its destination in perfect conditions and at absolutely no risk to either the load, people or the environment.

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